1. General

The nature of the event

Tour de Helsinki is a community ride. You must acknowledge that the participants vary in their aims, conditions, skills and equipment.


Although there are no formal equipment requirements, you are strongly advised to ride on a race or fitness bike. The Tour de Helsinki is a mass start event, so please do not use aerobars (triathlon/timetrial bars). When choosing your equipment you should acknowledge that you can spend no longer than seven hours on the route.    

Group riding

Cycling is a team sport. Riding in a pack on the road is a skill you have to learn. A few basic rules make the riding safer and more enjoyable for everyone:

  1. Ride straight. Eat and drink at the rear of the pack if you are inexperienced and/or have difficulties in maintaining straight riding.
  2. Do not accelerate or brake suddenly.
  3. Point out possible hazards to others in the pack:
  • Indicate turns with your right or left hand.
  • Indicate sudden deceleration (crossroads, puncture, etc.) by raising your hand.
  • If there is a dangerous bump, hole or an obstacle on the road, point downwards (at the object) when you go around it. (You should try to go around hazardous objects far enough so that others riding behind you can see the object.)
  • Indicate obstacles at the side of the road (pedestrians, parked cars, etc.) by waving your hand inwards behind you.

NOTE! While riding in a large pack of other cyclists you cannot independently change your speed or line. Acknowledge at all times that there are other cyclists around you, not only in front of you but also behind you and at the sides.

It is highly recommended that you acquaint yourself with group riding in the rides of your local cycling club or in rides with your friends before you participate in the Tour de Helsinki. You can find companions for your rides from the Cycling Calendar:

2. Event centre

Time and place

The event centre is located at the Olympic Velodrome (Mäkelänkatu 70, 00520 Helsinki). The event centre is open on Saturday 30.8. from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Sunday 31.8. from 08:00 to 20:00.


The event centre

Allow time for finding a parking space. The parking space at the Olympic Velodrome is closed. The Käpylä sports park is reserved for parking during the event. The park is located north to the Olympic Velodrome.


You can sign up for the race and pick up your participant package from the Olympic Velodrome on Saturday at 10:00-18:00 or on Sunday at 08:00-10:00. Please, be prepared to show proof of your identity. 

Late enrolment is possible at the Olympic Velodrome on Saturday 30.8. The price of late enrolment is 75 euros per participant. The number of these late enrolments is limited and they may run out. Late enrolments can be paid only in cash; please, reserve exact change for this purpose.

Race number and timing 

  On signing up, each participant will receive a participant package that contains an individual r ace numbe r and timing chip. The timing chip must be returned after the race. The participant will be charged a fee of 40 euros if the chip is not returned.
Attach the race number to your lower back, on the right side, by using safety pins.
Attach the timing chip to your front fork. The timing chip is personal and has been individually encoded for each participant. Please, do not give the chip to anybody else and make sure that you don't switch chips with your friends or team mates. Attach the chip to your front fork, as low as possible. Use cable tie to attach the chip. Tighten up the cable tie and cut the excess away. The chip comes with a red base. The chip must not be in contact with the fork. Please, use the base between the chip and the fork. Chips will be taken away in the finish. Remember to bring your chip to the finish if you abandon the race.

Race number and timing chip

Locker rooms and toilets

There is a very limited number of locker rooms, showers and toilets for both women and men in the event centre. There is no room for everybody in the locker rooms before the start (especially in the case of men). Please, take this into account when you prepare yourself for the race.


The participants are served a warm meal after the ride. The meal is served oudoors in the field at the Olympic Velodrome. The meal can be redeemed with a coupon that is included in the material given to each participant. Don't forget to take the coupon with you when you start the race!


3. The progress of the race


The race begins in a single mass start from Mäkelänkatu, the road next to the Olympic Velodrome, at 11:00. The start area is sealed from the road and you may enter the area at 10:00. There is a mat at the end of the start area that registers each participant. When you start, you must ride over the mat. Otherwise you will not officially start the race.
If you plan to ride in a designated pace group (see below), it is recommended to place yourself near that group at this stage. The pack is led by the police and a leading car(s). The ride starts as a slow paced convoy through the city. Do not ride faster than the head of the convoy. Overtaking the leading car(s) is strictly prohibited.

Competition category

Participants taking part in the competition category form a separate start group at the front of the start group. Only those participants who have a race number indicating that they take part in the competition category are allowed to enter this separate start group. The rest of the participants will start after the race teams' service cars and the car of the last referee have started. Overtaking these cars during the paced convoy is strictly prohibited. All racers and their equipment are subject to the rules and regulations of the UCI.

Free pace

The speed restriction ends and the race starts in Espoo, after about 10 kms. The end of the speed restriction will be indicated by a red flag waved by the race director in the leading car.

Designated pace groups

The pack will include riders aiming to finish with a certain average speed.
You don't need to sign up for any of these groups beforehand. The riders leading these groups are pacesetters; you don't have to follow these riders and you can move between groups freely. But please note that if you choose to ride in these groups, follow the instructions of the leading riders.


The traffic lights are turned off over the entire route. Along the route there are traffic instructors controlling the traffic and instructing the participants. Always stay on the right hand side of the road unless otherwise instructed.
NOTE! The route is long and varies in condition, traffic and terrain. Be alert and trust primarily your own senses. Unexpected situations can always occur on busy roads.

Instructions on the route

The route is signed. However, please, familiarize yourself with the route beforehand. The organizers cannot guarantee that the signs will remain in places throughout the race.


Please, do not leave litter on the route. Bring any rubbish back to the Olympic Velodrome.

Traffic arrangements at the end of the route

In Käpylä, at the crossing of Koskelantie and Käpyläntie the riders will be directed to the lane on the left. The left lane is closed to other traffic. Please, follow the instructions of the traffic instructors.


The finish line is on the track in the Olympic Velodrome. Please note that the entrance to the track is very narrow. You must finish by 18:00.
NOTE! In the case of rain the track will be slippery. If the track is wet, ride only on the lower edge of the track or on the artificial lawn.


4. Results and prizes


The result list will appear on this website. The results will list the place, time, name and club or municipality of each participant. Each team member will also be listed in the individual results (under either women or men).


The following prizes will be awarded to the five best women, five best men and to the best team:
- Women 1.: 300 €, Sony SRS-X7 Bluetooth speaker and Tour de Helsinki winner's jersey
- Women 2.: 200 €, Sony SRS-X5 Bluetooth speaker
- Women 3.: 100 €, Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headphones
- Women 4.: 70 €, Sony SRS-X2 Bluetooth speaker
- Women 5.: 50 €, Sony NWZ-W273S waterproof sport headphones
- Men 1.: 300 €, Sony SRS-X7 Bluetooth speaker and Tour de Helsinki winner's jersey
- Men 2.: 200 €, Sony SRS-X5 Bluetooth speaker
- Men 3.: 100 €, Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headphones
- Men 4.: 70 €, Sony SRS-X2 Bluetooth speaker
- Men 5.: 50 €, Sony NWZ-W273S waterproof sport headphones 
Team: Tour de Helsinki winning team plate and four sets of Sony NWZ-W273S waterproof sport headphones.


5. Service and first aid

Service points

There are four service points along the route:

  1. point 39,7 kms from the start
  2. point 58,9 kms from the start
  3. point 95,9 kms from the start
  4. point 117,8 kms from the start

All four service points are located in the immediate vicinity of the route, at the right hand side of the road. The service points will serve basic drinks and nutrition. They will be closed after the 20 km/h pace group has passed.

Technical service

Remember to bring basic maintenance tools with you.
The pack will include neutral service cars. These cars can provide help in minor technical problems. Please, be prepared to pay for any material used.


A rear car will follow the riders at the rear of the pack to cater for those forced to abandon the race (due to exhaustion or equipment failure).

First aid

There is a first aid emergency point in the Olympic Velodrome during the race. There are also emergency vehicles along the route.


The organizers do not have insurance to cover the participants. Please, make sure that you are satisfactorily insured.

These instructions are subject to change.